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Are you really in control of your SMSF?

Effectively setting up and managing your SMSF takes time, consistent attention and considerable expertise. With so many other things on your plate, it’s easy for your SMSF to be relegated to the ‘too hard’ or ‘set-and-forget’ baskets. Missing out on growth opportunities, exposing yourself to risk, or making errors in either the set-up or ongoing administration are very real hazards.

We give you back control of your SMSF

We love working closely with our SMSF clients to ensure their super is continually optimised and expertly managed. We become a complete in-house service, ensuring you have the correct structures in place, and that you have the information you need to make smarter decisions, without all the time-consuming administration. With our expertise on your side, you’ll have more control, more opportunities and less paperwork.

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