Cosca is delighted to announce the joining of two outstanding professionals as equity partners, Caitlin Bonassi and Damian Devietti. Their inclusion in our shareholder team is a significant stride in our ongoing commitment to delivering top-tier advisory services.

Caitlin Bonassi: Spearheading Growth in Innisfail

We are excited to welcome Caitlin Bonassi, whose exceptional leadership in building and expanding our Innisfail office stands as a testament to her capabilities. Caitlin’s profound expertise in client relationship management and her in-depth knowledge of Australian tax law are invaluable to our team. Her dedication to crafting client-centric solutions, combined with her experience in nurturing growth and innovation in new markets, makes her an indispensable asset to Cosca.

Damian Devietti: A Trusted Advisor from Ingham

After many years of dedicated stewardship from our Ingham office, Damian Devietti brings a wealth of experience in advising small to medium-sized businesses. His role as an Accountant and Advisor has been marked by a deep commitment to understanding and addressing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by these businesses.

Forward Together

The addition of Caitlin and Damian to our team as equity partners is not just an expansion of our leadership but a reinforcement of our dedication to continued excellence in regional and remote areas. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Caitlin Bonassi and Damian Devietti. We are enthusiastic about the journey ahead and the extraordinary achievements we will accomplish together.

Welcome aboard, Caitlin and Damian!

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