Cosca is proud to announce recent promotions within our business.

Key announcements include:

  • Mitchell Pratt has been promoted to CEO of the Cosca Group
  • Kevin Reincastle has been promoted to the Director of Cosca Personal Wealth
  • Ross Girgenti has been promoted to the Director of Cosca Financial Services and Business Advisory
  • Kienan Blanco has been promoted to the Head of Business Development for the Cosca Group

Chris Castles remains as Managing Director of the Cosca Group and looks forward to working with the management team to better serve our communities and clients through our existing offerings, new services and ultimately our Foundation.

“This change is part of our journey to becoming one of the most eminent Business Advisory and Financial Services businesses within Australia.”Chris Castles

“I’m looking forward to working closer with our local communities and clients so that we at Cosca can activate growth not only for our clients but within the communities we serve.”Mitchell Pratt

“Being different will empower us to become the centrepiece of support for what’s important to our client community. To do this, I will strive to create an environment where everyone can become the best version of themselves in their work and personal life so that when we touch people’s lives, we touch with purpose.”Kevin Reincastle

“I take pride in helping others turn their vision into a reality. The experience, knowledge and resources found at Cosca, allow us to inspire the confidence required by people who embark on the journey of achieving both their business and personal goals. In my new role, I can’t wait to bring that to the market” – Kienan Blanco

“To me it’s about making a difference to the people’s lives we touch. Providing them with the opportunities to support their lifestyle they wish. In my new role, I’m looking forward to bring that to the forefront of everything we do” – Ross Girgenti

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